markets and more was founded in November 2013 and has been growing steadily ever since. We feel familiarized with several branches and fields of activity but focus foremost on sectors such as marketing and strategy, distribution as well as event- and project management.

We think and act interdisciplinary and possess valuable experience in the following business sectors: medical technology, healthcare, pharmaceutical industry, IT technology, education, renewable energies, automobile production, office services as well as the public law sector.

The special feature of markets and more lies in its promising model, a linking strategic analysis with practical implementation – interdisciplinary and globally. The interlocking combination of concept and active support in all business sectors optimizes the competitive position of business partners on the market and increases the company’s turnover.

markets and more offers an elaborated ‚all in one hand‘ performance of the offered solutions. Thereby the strengths are the strategic positioning of your company, the development of your business potentials and last but not least the composition and extension of business relationships with (international) partners.

The business area and the requirements of the customer are essential for the core area in respective to the support by markets and more. Standard solutions do not exist – every concept and every measurement for realization is individual. Thus, the solution fits to the activities and the demands of the customer and leads to long-term success on the market.

markets and more offers extended flexibility in running projects, e.g. regarding changing market mechanism or competition situation. Short decision ways and fast reaction ensure the strategic and operative realization (intelligent intervention).
No borders for markets and more: The establishment of a worldwide network of business units together with global thinking and acting creates an international basis and cares for sovereign and confident communication.