Market research and market analysis

Intelligent and long-term success of products and services requires good strategies based on well-grounded research and analysis. Companies profit from data-based decisions as well as ministries, institutions and science. Market research and analysis simplifies decisions on product placement, ways of representation and strategy development.

Options in the field of market research and analysis are for example:
• Market research / analysis of market potential / market growth / investments
• Research on competitors / analysis on sales potential / analysis on spending capacity
• strategic business unit analysis
• product research
• location research
• geopolitical research
• Studies about specific economic topics and issues
• Single questions regarding above mentioned topics, judicial or financial questions or questions prescribed by customs law
• Research about particular frame factors, e.g. guidelines for medical products or requirements for product market access

markets and more prepares individual markets research and analysis for all industrial sectors and branches. Market data support companies basis for decision on next entrepreneurial steps and the future of further strategic development. Company process, marketing strategy, human resource strategy, sales development as well as internationalization and national and global investment often depend on market research results. We provide background, data and further information in order to support companies with their decisions and next steps.

Market research and analysis can be done for the German market as well as nearly all other countries on a global level. The emphasis lies on countries of European Union, Great Britain, Arabic countries, United States of America, Canada, Russia, Japan and South-East Asia including India.

Furthermore, we support our business partners with analysis of complex markets and evaluation of market entry potential in global markets and challenging niche markets.

Your results include precise indications of sources, references and literature, contact persons and addresses.

First step of our market research and analysis activities is a common phone or skype call and / or meeting in person. We will learn more about your company and products and will evaluate and define necessary target questions.
markets and more has more than 10 years’ experience in doing market research and analysis. Our work is characterized by broad know-how in research activity, strong analytical competences, good textual communications skills and strong visual presentation.